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The Sausage Factory Episode 88 Remastered: Foam Sword Games

This episode is of The Sausage Factory podcast is a remaster of an archive show from February 2016, in which host Chris O’Regan chats to Moo Yu of Foam Sword Games about their (then upcoming) action adventure game, Knights and Bikes.

As of February 2020 the game has been released on Nintendo Switch. One half of the development team is Moo Yu, who has been making games for quite a long time having previously worked with Insomniac as gameplay programmer on the Ratchet and Clank games as well as Media Molecule on LittleBigPlanet titles. Moo talks about his studies at UCLA and his eventual migration to the UK where he found a place to make non-violent games with rich worlds and storylines.
Please note that this episode was recorded while Knights and Bikes was still in development and as such details about the final game may be different to those discussed.


The Sausage Factory episode 88 Remastered was produced and edited by Chris O’Regan

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