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Podcast special: An interview with Ed Key, designer of Proteus

In addition to issue 107 of the podcast, and a coincidental update to Proteus this week, James sat down to chat with the game’s designer, Ed Key.

Ed talks about Proteus from inception to release, and how the ten months since have been for him and for the game. Expect discussion of indie games vs the mainstream, indie games vs indie games, typical and atypical reactions to Proteus and that most frequent of questions.

A few links may provide some reference for the discussion at the end. These are:

*As is often the case with these kinds of interviews this was recorded using a combined audio feed via Skype, which accounts for the slight loss of quality to the audio.

Music used in the interview:

Track 1: Nodeland in Summer by David Kanaga
Track 2: Nodeland in Autumn by David Kanaga
Track 3: Nodeland in Winter by David Kanaga

An interview with Ed Key was edited by James Carter.

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