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Podcast special: an Interview with C.Y. Reid (failnaut)

A couple of months ago I recorded an interview with C.Y. Reid, also known as failnaut. It took me longer than it should to edit the three hour conversation down to something slightly less than half that, but here it is.

Apologies and thanks go to C.Y., whose games (including the newly released Escape Pod) can be found over on his blog failnaut.com. All music used in the interview (the usual Cane And Rinse themes aside) was created by C.Y. himself for his first game, Hug Marine (found here).

Hopefully you find the interview as fascinating as I did. If you’re interested in learning how to make games, or have any questions relating to the interview you can contact me here at Cane And Rinse, or C.Y. on his Twitter account, @failnaut.


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