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Music Monday: Super Smash Bros.

We’ve gone large on Super Smash Bros. to mark the release of the latest version of the game on Wii U.
We’ve got three Quick Rinse videos of the N64 original, Melee on the GameCube and Brawl on the Wii.
We have a two-hour podcast, also covering those three games.
Now we have a Music Monday themed around the various orchestral medleys that have been composed/compiled for, and in honour of, the Super Smash Bros. series.

More than forty different composers (at the last count) have contributed to the Super Smash Bros. series’ extensive and bombastic soundtrack.

From legendary in-house Nintendo musicians such as Koji Kondo and Hirokazu Tanaka to renowned names from the SEGA, Konami, Namco and Capcom stables, it has been the Herculean task of HAL Labs’ Shogo Sakai to curate and arrange these for use in the chaotic brawler.

Get ready for around three-quarters of an hour of almost non-stop Nintendo sounds (should you dive in and listen to these back to back).

First we have this official Melee mix:

1. Ancient Kingdom I
2. Ancient Kingdom II
3. Flat Zone
4. Balloon Fight
5. Big Blue
6. Mach Rider
7. Yo’ster Isle
8. Saria’s Song
9. Super Mario 3
10. Icicle Mountain
11. Peach’s Castle

Four simultaneous Albert Changs perform Paul Koenig’s chamber arrangement for two violins and two violas.

Next we have ‘The String Player Gamer’ and his rocking tribute to the glory of Smash as arranged and performed by one very talented man, Diwa de Leon.

Closing in some style, our finale is performed by the amazing Nintendo Special Big Band at Niconico Chokaigi 2014. The arrangement is by Masanori Sasaji.

NOW. Who will fight my Jigglypuff?

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