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Play;Write 200 – The 100 Pitch Challenge

Play;Write is a podcast about creating and sharing new ways to play. We workshop seedlings of ideas for videogames in hopes of coming up with something timeless. It’s not just about us, though! Join in the conversation! Pitch your own game ideas to be read and explored on air on our website at www.playwritecast.com, tweet us @playwritecast, or email us at playwritecast@gmail.com.

In this special 200th episode of the podcast, Ryan Hamann (@InsrtCoins) and Ryan Quintal (@ryanquintal) wring their brains of any remaining creativity by forcing themselves to come up with a collective 100 pitches all in one show. It’s a fast-paced pitch-off. Can the two Ryans maintain creativity and sanity all the way to the end?


Our theme song is “Hello World.” by PROTODOME from the album BLUENOISE.

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