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The Sausage Factory Episode 270: Retroid

Show host and producer, Chris O’Regan chats to Niklas Istenes of Retroid about the design and development of their puzzle platformer, Wunderling

With videogames being as old as they are there is now a set of tropes that are ripe satire and that is how Wunderling was formed. A puzzle platformer, it has the player controlling a creature that would normally only walk backwards and forwards until squished by a passing hero. The main protagonist is granted the ability to jump and is thrust into an adventure they had no intention in undertaking.


Music featured by Oscar Rydelius and is available here:

1. Wunder Shuffle
2. Castle Pomp
3. Feather Waltz

The Sausage Factory episode 270 was produced and edited by Chris O’Regan

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