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Sound of Play

Sound of Play: 87 – The videogame music podcast

Welcome to our weekly podcast dedicated to videogame music – Sound of Play

What we aim to bring you with Sound of Play is a diverse sample of some of our favourite pieces from the many air-punching, spine-tingling, tear-jerking and grin-inducing videogame soundtracks we’ve heard over the last year or so. However, it’s not just about what we like, so if you venture over to our forum at caneandrinse.com you can put forward your favourites and we’ll include a selection in the playlist for each show.

This show’s presenter was Leon Cox (@ratsoalbion) with guest Craig Windle (@CraigedyCraig) aka Windmills at Dawn

Track listing for this show is as follows:

Track 1: Title BGM by Taro Bando, Guitar Arrange Edition by Ryuichi Katsumata – F-Zero X, 1998
Track 2: Ardea Cinerea Jouyi by Windmills at Dawn, 2017
Track 3: Stage 3 by Miki Higashino / Masanori Adachi / Tachihi Iwase / Aki Hata – Contra Spirits, 1992
Track 4: Zephyr by Windmills at Dawn, 2017
Track 5: Largo LaGrande by Michael Z. Land – Monkey Island 2: Lechuck’s Revenge – Special Edition, 1991/2010
Track 6: Sound of Surf by Windmills at Dawn, 2017
Track 7: Main Theme by Yuko Komiyama – Monster Hunter 3 (Tri), 2009
Track 8: Theme from Lament by Windmills at Dawn – Lament, 2017
Track 9: Shuhodo by Shigeru Araki / Yusuke Kato / Saiko Miki / Yasumasa Kitagawa – Ganbare Goemon: Neo Momoyama Bakufu no Odori (Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon), 1997

Sound of Play: 87 was edited by Jay Taylor (@JaySevenZero)

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