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Sound of Play: 215 – Nainita Desai

What we aim to bring you with Sound of Play is a diverse sample of some of our favourite pieces from the many air-punching, spine-tingling, tear-jerking and grin-inducing videogame soundtracks we’ve heard over the years.

Joining Leon Cox in Sound of Play 215 is Nainita Desai. Nainita is a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit who has written hundreds of bespoke TV series and film scores for broadcasters ranging from the BBC to HBO and C4 to Netflix. One of her more recent projects was the latest game from Sam Barlow Telling Lies.


Music used in this podcast:

1. Telling Lies – Midnight by Nainita Desai – Telling Lies, 2019

2. INTIMACY by Nainita Desai, Telling Lies, 2019

3. Impossible Worlds by Todd Baker – Monument Valley 2, 2017

4. Song of the Lost Girl (Kara) by Philip Sheppard – Detroit: Become Human, 2018

5. ORDER by Nainita Desai – Telling Lies, 2019

6. All the Earth by Jessica Curry – Everbody’s Gone to the Rapture, 2016

7. CONTROL by Nainita Desai – Telling Lies, 2019

8. Happy Together by Kevin Penkin – Florence, 2018

9. Telling Lies – Dawn by Nainita Desai – Telling Lies, 2019

Sound of Play 215 was edited by Jay Taylor

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