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Sound of Play

Sound of Play: 166 – The videogame music podcast

Ryan Hamann (@InsrtCoins) hosts a community-focused show for Sound of Play 166 with contributions from Nobuo Yagami, Joe81, Richard, MauricioMM, and ReprobateGamer.

What we aim to bring you with Sound of Play is a diverse sample of some of our favourite pieces from the many air-punching, spine-tingling, tear-jerking and grin-inducing videogame soundtracks we’ve heard over the years.

Track listing for this show is as follows:

1: Magic City by Jerry Martin – SimCity 3000, 1999

2: Lovely Mountains by Calum Bowen – Lovely Planet, 2014

3: Grassland Groove by David Wise – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, 2014

4: Descended from Heaven by Roger Hicks – Celestial Mechanica, 2011

5: The Virgin Child Makes Her Wish without Feeling Anything by Brad Holmes – No More Heroes, 2007

6: Chip Damage by ABXY – Splatoon 2, 2018

7: Vendetta Jocks by Shawn Lee – Bully, 2006

8: Quillshroom’s Horrors by Rainbowdragoneyes – The Messenger, 2018

9: Final Round by Andy Poland – The Jackbox Party Pack 3, 2016

Sound of Play: 166 was edited by Ryan Hamann (@InsrtCoins)

Remember, it’s not just about what we like, so venture over to our forum at caneandrinse.com and put forward your own suggestions so that we might include them in future shows.

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