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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm multiplayer

We’re back and, hell, it’s about time.

The field is calm with the fog of war seperating our two teams and nobody knows who is going to strike first and when. Sending out a poor SCV (Space Construction Vehicle) to assess the situation, spots a brand new Protoss unit; The Oracle, a deadly air unit which can destroy the lonely SCV in less than a second. I begin to ping the raider and shout to my friend over Skype the latetest information. “Oracles! TWO OF THEM” I said, breaking his concentration.

“Vikings it is, then!” he replies as I decidedly move my brand new Terran unit, the Widow Mine into their positions to best deflect the impending attack. The Widow Mine is created via the Factory and is an excellent new addition to the Terran army thanks to its ability to bury underground, become unseen to the naked eye and attack any incoming enemy unit should it be ground or air based.

starcraft II
The Widow Maker

The Widow Mine Strikes

I move my Widow Mines to the mineral lines in order to protect my hard working SCV mineral gatherers and lo and behold, the Oracles arrive immediately evaporating one of them with their high powered lasers. The Window Mine retaliates with a hearty missile launch obliterating one half of the airborne Protoss duo. My work is not over yet.

My friend has commanded his newly built, tried and tested Viking units to mop up the remaining Oracle just in time for a massive enemy Mutalisk attack. Luckily a combination of both Marines and Widow Mines are there to take care of them as they bravely attempt to attack my Siege Tanks.

We manage to hold of this early scout attacking move from both the Zerg and Protoss armies and decide that this was our time to strike. They’ve spent a lot of money creating those units at such an early stage and now is the time, the supply depots are lowered and the Human-esque army march forward to the opposite side of the map.

The Vikings provide both air coverage and vision for the higher ground and the Siege Tanks go to work with their Siege mode which is no longer a research from the Factory, a pure godsend from Blizzard and we start shelling the life out of the enemy Protoss’ base. He is no more.

During this counter attack, the Zerg offer up one last attempt at attacking our mineral lines but it’s too late to prevent their subsequent failure. His Protoss friend has nothing to speak of and those famously satisfying, or bitter letters, appear on-screen.


“Player has left the game”


StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm may not have taken my life over like Wings of Liberty did when it comes to playing on the fantastic Battle.net matchmaking service provided by Blizzard but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing. I’m just not ready for that commitment again just yet. It’s not you, StarCraft, it’s me!

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