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Mass Effect 3

 There is no arguing that Mass Effect has become one of the more significant franchises to come out of this generation. BioWare managed to create a detailed and intelligently crafted Sci-Fi epic that had just […]


Syndicate (2012) Quick Rinse

Darren hacks into his own network with Starbreeze’s 2012 first-person reboot of Bullfrog’s 16-bit action/strategy classic, Syndicate (on PC). This Quick Rinse ties in with issue 55 of the Cane and Rinse podcast: http://caneandrinse.com/syndicate-2012-cane-rinse-55/ If […]


American McGee’s Alice

That this 11 year old game still manages to effectively disturb despite suffering from several key signs of ageing is a testament to the distorted and deranged vision of Wonderland that American McGee’s Alice presents. […]