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Driver: San Francisco

Darren Forman reflects upon his time in San Francisco The storyline of Driver: San Francisco picks right up from where the notoriously awful Driv3r left off. Detective John Tanner, having […]


Prototype 2

Darren Forman absorbs Radical Entertainment’s Prototype 2. Punch yourself in the face with glee, foolish minions, for I have been playing Prototype 2 as of late. That’s right. I expected […]



Darren G. confronts Derek Yu’s formidable Rogue-like Spelunky Rewind to 2008 and you’ll see the same baby-faced Darren as you would now but one as yet without the mental scars […]


Left 4 Dead Quick Rinse

Darren re-enters the world of Left 4 Dead on PC, showing the delights of both singleplayer and multiplayer, as well as something which smells like Minecraft. This Quick Rinse ties […]