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The Cane and Rinse Podcast Schedule May

Here are the details for our upcoming shows for May 2015

We’ve received a number of requests from those of you who like to ‘play along with the show’ to announce as far in advance as possible which titles we have coming up. What you have here is an attempt to address that. Naturally dates and games are subject to change but we’ve surprisingly managed quite well in that regard during the first seven or so months of our existence.

We would love to read about your thoughts and/or three word reviews for these forthcoming games so we can also include them within our shows.

You can contact us at Cane and Rinse via our EMAIL or FACEBOOK , through our TWITTER or even through the THE CANE AND RINSE FORUM

One last thing, it’s not imperative that folks wait until the week of the show to air your thoughts on any particular game. We’re more than happy to receive your opinions well in advance of the actual recording date itself.

Issue 175 – Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Issue 176 – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Issue 177 – God Hand

Issue 178 – Too Human

Issue 179 – Silent Hill: Downpour

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