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Interview extra: Tomm Hulett

Joining Leon for this interview extra is WayForward Technologies‘ Game Director, Tomm Hulett.

Recounting his remarkable career, Tomm tells us of his early days testing Dave Perry games for Virgin, before moving on to localisation work on JRPGs including Persona 3 for Atlus. Then he reveals all about his bittersweet time producing Silent Hill titles for Konami – as well as the subsequent and vicious backlash from sections of that IP’s fanbase. Bringing us up to date, Tomm shares what it’s like to work on licensed games at WayForward, as well as the experience of working with other beloved Japanese IPs such as Contra and Rocket Knight Adventures.

Leon Cox (@ratsoalbion)
Tomm Hulett (@Hypnocrite)

Music used in this podcast is as follows:

1: Downpour intro by Daniel Licht – Silent Hill: Downpour, 2012
2: Intro Perp walk by Daniel Licht – Silent Hill: Downpour, 2012

Edited by Jay Taylor (@JaySevenZero).

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