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Cane and Rinse “essential” says Vice.com

Vice.com has named the Cane and Rinse podcast as “one of the five gaming podcasts you need in your life”


Journalist Jagger Gravning contacted our Leon a few weeks back to ask for a short interview about what we do here at Cane at Rinse.

This morning the resulting piece appeared on Vice.com, placing Cane and Rinse alongside such luminaries as Idle Thumbs, Retronauts, 8-4 Play and The Indoor Kids as one of the five essential videogaming podcasts in the English speaking world.

Well, we’re thrilled to bits with this write-up so we’d like to thank Jagger and Vice.com for writing and publishing the article respectively.

You can read it for yourselves here.


  1. I stumbled upon your marvellous podcast via the article mentioned above and it’s become the bread and butter of my very sincere undertaking to get a hold on the history of videogames (foremost in an intellectual but hopefully in the future also more in an interactive way) since. Your selection hugly influences me in my choices of milestones to revisit and kind of make up for the fact that I didn’t really bother much with the medium when I was in the appropriate age to fall in love with it. That was mainly for the fact that I wasn’t allowed to have a console in my parent’s home, but your excellent work almost makes up for the ‘lost years’. Thank you all so much for this incredible podcast! (Wow, this went out of hand, I actually just wanted to say that I listen to the podcast thanks to the article. Well, got carried away a little.)
    PS: I also like 8-4 Play and Idle Thumbs but you are simply the best…;-)

  2. What a lovely piece of feedback! Thanks for taking the time to come and post. Feel free to join us on the forum too of course!

  3. Yeah I found you guys through that article as well.

    I have to say your podcasts are hugely addictive, I have been happily working my way through the archive, discovering and learning to appreciate loads of games I missed previously.

    It’s so fantastic to hear insightful and educating critiques of video games, the only drawback is that I now find myself compulsively buying games that I have listened to you guys discuss, only adding to my pile of shame (still it could be worse, they are almost always snapped up at a bargain-basement price).

    Thank you for setting a high-bar in video game cultural commentary!

  4. Thank you for such kind words James, it is much appreciated.

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