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The Sausage Factory Episode 212 : Chainsawesome Games

Show host and producer Chris O’Regan talks to Laurent Mercure of Chainsawesome Games about the design and development of Aftercharge.

Team play in videogames can date back to as far back as Gauntlet with four players all working together to acquire as much treasure as possible before they were either killed by monsters or their health ran out. Things have advanced significantly since then with the arrival of MOBAs, MMOs and of course team based shooters. Aftercharge is a game by Canadian developers Chainsawesome Games that presses very hard on the team play aspect by forcing players to work with each other else face certain defeat. It’s a unique aspect of gameplay to focus on and Aftercharge is sufficiently engaging and has a low barrier of entry that players will and do keep coming back for more.

The Sausage Factory 212 was edited by Chris O’Regan

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