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Console Special No.11 – Vectrex

Just as the videogame industry began to implode in North America, Milton Bradley set out to try and grab a piece of the pie by buying the rights to the Vectrex console from General Consumer Electronics. Chris, Jesse, Michiel and Dean Swain from the Retro Asylum podcast explore their experiences with the machine as well as the huge roster of 28 games that was released for it. Officially at least. Other topics covered include unofficial mods to the Vectrex, what marks the machine out as being unique, and why it deserves our attention.


Edited by Jay Taylor

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  1. Just found you guys thanks to the Jeff Minter episode and cherry picking past episodes.

    I was surprised you did so little on the homebrew, it could be a whole episode alone.

    PLEASE checkout YASI and Protector. Only $22 here…


    Protector is an amazing Defender clone. The original release is like gold dust, but it’s easily available above and download. It had a hidden game YASI, Yet Another Space Invaders, which isn’t hidden on the above.

    Stunning bits of work that standout for me, but there is pleny great out there and more coming. eg Vryzon looks like a great SHMUP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5vKjatT5KI

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