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The Sausage Factory Episode 58: Convoy Games

Many aeons ago show host Chris O’Regan used to love playing a game called Asphalt on his Amstrad CPC 464. It featured a petrol tanker that was getting attacked by other vehicles all of which are armed to the teeth. 30 years later Chris happens upon Convoy at Rezzed 2015. This too featured a large vehicle that the player has to defend from continued attacked from heavily armed smaller vehicles. This time around, however, the player also has their own fleet of escorting units that can counter the attacks of the enemies that will not rest until the player’s main truck is destroyed.

Show host Chris O’Regan chats to Sander de Visser about how he got involved in making Convoy and how it came into being. Topics covered include how higher education handles game development courses and how amazing Pillars of Eternity is.


The Sausage Factory 58 was edited by Chris O’Regan

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