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Cane and Rinse Vol. 4

Dragon’s Dogma – Cane and Rinse No.170

Guests CJ Black (Twin Humanities) and Sean Bell (Midnight Resistance) join Leon and Jay in our entirely unbalanced Dragon’s Dogma issue. That’s right, you’ll not find much negativity about Capcom’s 2012 action RPG here (although, as always we dissect the game and talk about those aspects we feel weren’t as strong as others). This show is something a love-in (right through to our listener correspondence) and with something like 750 hours of play between us we make no apology for that. If you want to hear what videogaming passion sounds like, you’ve come to the right podcast.

Music used in this issue:

1: Main Title by Tadayoshi Makino, Inon Zur, Rei Kondoh, Chamy Ishi
2: Into Free by B’z

Cane and Rinse 170 was edited by Jay Taylor

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During the recent recording of this issue, the conversation regarding Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma carried on after we’d officially finished the principal recording since we adhere to a strict two-hour maximum running time for the podcast.

So, rather than have it just be dumped we’re putting it here instead.


  1. Conversation boinged on way beyond the show itself – as the YouTube ‘off cut’ shares perfectly 🙂

  2. Cheer CJ, looking forward to some more hardcore pawn action on the PS4 in the weeks to come!

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