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Cane and Rinse Final Fantasy Vol. 7

Final Fantasy V – Cane and Rinse No.332

“Knights do it two-handed!”

The Final Fantasy that was initially deemed too hardcore for the West. Leon, Josh, Jon and Leah have got the job to work out if Square’s decision to keep this on under their hats for several years was justified. Final Fantasy V demands a lot from its players, and our panel. Will they survive Exdeath’s final onslaught?

Music used in this issue:

1. The Battle by Nobuo Uematasu
2. Clash on the Big Bridge by Nobuo Uematasu

Cane and Rinse 332 was edited by Ryan Hamann (@InsrtCoins)

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  1. I genuinely appreciate the CnR crew addressing social issues and game content that might not have aged well. I don’t see it as an attempt to shame the game or anybody who enjoys it, rather, this type of criticism is an important and necessary component of game analysis that helps guide the industry in terms of ethics/representation by looking back on where it was years ago.

  2. Well said, and thanks.

  3. Did none of you use freelancers at the end? Maybe you guys weren’t aware of this or I just missed you talking about it but it was odd to me that you didn’t seem to talk about how the Freelancer job works at all, more so when you said you needed to max out a dancer to learn equip ribbons. I had all of my characters as freelancers at the end and defeated Exdeath in one try, without using a walkthrough. I only learnt how the freelancer works by talking to an NPC in a tutorial type building in the first village and I can’t imagine finishing this game without utilising it.

  4. Hi Ewan. Certainly there was some conversation around freelancers that took place, but not sure if it made the final edit – possibly only the extended cut on Patreon. I didn’t use freelancers myself but I’m sure some of the others experimented at least.

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