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Interview extra: Gareth Damian Martin of Heterotopias

Gareth Damian Martin (@JumpOvertheAge) is a writer, game designer, and photographer. Early last year, he took his column at Kill Screen, entitled “Heterotopias” and fleshed it out into a full online magazine.

He and numerous contributors have used this platform to discuss video games using architectural sensibilities. From the faux-soviet future of 1989’s Strider to a thorough examination of gaming’s various bathrooms, Heterotopias finds artistry and design in unlikely and thrilling corners of the medium.

Heterotopias’ newest project is a book! The Continuous City is a exploration of video game cities, captured on physical black and white film. In this interview, Jacob Geller (@yacobg42) talks to Gareth about his unique method of photography, how to define a city, and the unique architectural space games reside in.

The Continuous City is being funded on Unbound.

Edited by Jay Taylor (@JaySevenZero).

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