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Heavenly Sword / Enslaved – Cane and Rinse No.7

The gloves are off this week as no fewer than five panellists tear it up over Ninja Theory’s passion-inspiring pair. Hosts Leon and Tony are joined by regular contributor Darren Forman as well as Cane and Rinse debutants Paul Rooney (Ready-Up) and Gary Blower (Gameburst) to reconsider the merits and drawbacks of this striking duo of titles and why they have bought almost twenty copies between them.

Music used in this issue:

1: Enslaved PS3 XMB Track (Title Unknown) by Nitin Sawhney

Cane and Rinse 7 was edited by Jay Taylor

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Josh travels to the future to find a post-apocalyptic landscape that is slowly being reclaimed by nature in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West:

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  1. I have to agree with Leon with regards to Trip, I think its more of Stockholm syndrome. I found her a very unlikeable character and even though she develops throughout the story… I do think it is a classic case of Stockholm syndrome.

    She enslaves Monkey in the beginning not with thoughts of becoming friends….but becuase she needs him to survive regardless of how he feels about it.

    I think this is one of those stories that was maybe meant to divide the gamers thoughts on the matter. Which is the case of a good story, that it is able to come up with different facets of a story arc.

    Myself….if I were monkey…I whack her the min her back was turned.lol

  2. Has there been a more Marmite developer than Ninja Theory? It seems that mentioning their name evokes quite a reaction be it favourable or otherwise.

    I loved Enslaved from the moment I tried the demo. I never bother to earn 100% of a games achievements but I did with Enslaved. Great graphics, sound and story & much of the dialogue is genuinely hilarous. The combat is perhaps a little easy (even for an idiot like myself) but I loved it all the same. DLC was excellent too.

    I bought Heavenly Sword for a family member who has played it sporadically over the last 12 months but loves the game.


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