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Jeff Minter
Cane and Rinse Vol. 11

Jeff Minter – Cane and Rinse No.510

“You could think of things in your mind and then make them happen.”

In honour of the legendary British coder’s 60th birthday, we bring you a new type of Cane and Rinse podcast focused entirely on the career and work of one single developer – Jeff Minter. Leon, Chris, Jesse, Chris Worthington (Retro Asylum) and Sean Bell (The Computer Game Show) – along with contributions from the Cane and Rinse community – come together to celebrate over four decades of zapping Zzyaxians, luminous lights, psychedelic sounds, rampaging ruminants and undulating ungulates.


Music featured in this issue:

1.  Thermal Resolution by Ian Howe/Alastair Lindsay/Kevin Saville – Tempest 2000

2. Brace Position by Gareth Noyce – Polybius

edited by Jay Taylor

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  1. A Commodore geek schoolfriend of mine in Reading during the mid 80’s used to go round Minters house. We would have been around 13 or 14 at the time. Apparently he had a full sit down Atari cabinet of Star Wars in there and a very early build of an Amiga, probably a developers unit…What teenage kid into games would refuse that invite as at that time he was already an industry legend…Not saying anything dodgy about it but in this day and age and in the current climate it would be certainly not pass the sniff test. I never went as my parents would have refused but that particular memory stayed with me, particularly the thought of someone actually having a Star Wars arcade machine in their own home!

  2. Amazing! So cool, thanks for sharing.

  3. Great show to commemorate an unsung national treasure.

    A few things…

    Tepest 4000 is now out on the Switch and has been done by Llamasoft, not a third party. I thought it was worth buying an OLED Switch for. It’s not quite as good as TxK in my opion, but does mean I can put away my OLED Vita.

    Giles has hinted some of the Minatur Project games will be coming to the Switch soon (sounds like Gridrunner and Goat up. But no TATE mode).

    As you said, the iOS games are gone. You can get Android versions here for free (with the dontate suggestion):


    Gridrunner, 5 a day, Goat Up and Caverns of Minos all work fine on my Android 11 device (Surface Duo) – SuperOxWars doesn’t.

  4. Great stuff, thank you Marc!

  5. I ‘met’ Jeff at an Atari ST show in London. He was busy on the Llamasoft stand so didnt say Hi sadly.
    Never forget his modified ST case, themed in Dark Side of The Moon colours, looked amazing!

  6. Ha, very cool, very Jeff.

  7. @Lutherman that’s interesting I wonder if it’s the same friend who I know moved up to Didcot around that time? I used to go round Jeff’s house with him quite a lot too when I was 16/17 during the early 90’s when he lived in Cwmych in W Wales. Jeff was an absolute great bloke and slept over the place on his couch on more than one occasion. Absolutely loved it and I can confirm he used to have a sit down Star Wars cabinet (think it was in the kitchen as you went in through the back door) and he also used to have a load of ST’s and Amigas lying about in the living room. I can remember going round and he’d just had a dev board for the Falcon he was proudly showing us. As a geek even back then that totally blew me away. Also got to feed Molly and Flossy that were happily standing in his garden out the back. Look back at those trips to his house with very fond memories indeed.

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