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Just some Metal Gear Solid memories

Metal Gear Solid Reminiscence.

As the 25th anniversary since the first Metal Gear game was released is almost upon us, here’s a short video comprised of footage that Jay took whilst at the Tokyo Game Show back in 2008 – where he got to watch the man himself – Hideo Kojima talk on stage about Metal Gear Solid 4. Also making an appearance at the same event were Two-Han Princess, the 2 piece combo comprised of Kikuko Inoue – the Japanese voice actress who played Sunny & Rosemary in MGS4 and also The Boss in the Japanese Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Yumi Kikuchi who was the model and voice actress for Raging Raven in MGS4. They performed the track Oishii Two-Han Seikatsu that can be heard from within the game itself.

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