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Cane and Rinse Vol. 1

Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 – Cane and Rinse No.22

“It’ll be better than the old days… You’ll see!”

Leon, Darren Forman and Josh Garrity climb back aboard the Normandy to once again explore BioWare’s rich, galaxy-spanning fiction. Do the earlier games in the Mass Effect series justify the fever for the third?

Music used in this show is as follows:

1: Mass Effect Theme by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick
2: Uncharted Worlds by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick
3: Suicide Mission by Jack Wall

Cane and Rinse 22 was edited by Sean O’Brien

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Josh takes a look at the first chapter of BioWare’s epic space opera, Mass Effect:

Josh takes a look at the second instalment of BioWare’s epic space opera, Mass Effect 2:

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  1. Just saying.
    The first 3 Mass Effect books were written by Bioware employee and lead writer of Mass Effect and co-lead writer on Mass Effect 2 Drew Karpyshyn.
    Very worth reading the ones with his name on. I couldn’t put them down.
    Don’t discount the first 3 because of the 4th.

  2. Excellent retrospective show.

    I’m looking forward to hearing a podcast detailing the 3rd game, including the debate over the ending(s) (which I thought were a blight on an otherwise excellent game).


  3. Thank you. Being C&R we’ll be waiting until long after the dust has settled before we take a look book at ME3. Stick with us until then though!

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