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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – Cane and Rinse No.49

We’ve finally reached the end (for now?) of our Metal Gear series retrospective.

In the epic conclusion to our six part Metal Gear 25th Anniversary series Leon, Tony and Jay review 2008’s spectacular but polarising Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. A prematurely ageing Snake is sent by the UN to the war-torn Middle East in pursuit of Liquid who still plans to enslave the world. Cameos, Easter eggs, fan-service and inordinately long cut-scenes abound in what to some is Kojima’s creative apex but others his self-indulgent nadir? This Issue of course features selections from the stirring MGS4 original soundtrack and as usual we also take your correspondence on the game along with your Three Word Reviews.

Music used in this show is as follows:

1: Old Snake by Harry Gregson-Williams
2: Desperate Chase by Harry Gregson-Williams
3: The Best is Yet to Come by Rika Muranaka
4: Father and Son by Harry Gregson-Williams

Cane and Rinse 49 was edited by Jay Taylor

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Josh dives into the confusing narrative of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots:

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  1. I agree with the part about Naomi reacting to Snake.
    I think its the Japanise Direction showing. Its a common way of dramaticaly highlighting the moment in traditional Japanise drama.

    And I think it carries through to modern works.
    Kinda like our dramatic staples that carries back to Shakespeare and the greek classics.

  2. A good point Samel. Thanks for posting.

  3. Great show (!) I love the MGS series, and have played all titles multiple times, except MGS4 (please come to Xbox).
    I’ve avoided spoilers up untill now, and you guys told the story so well. Why doesn’t Konami want more money?

  4. Thanks Trophy.
    Although there doesn’t seem to be much chance of MGS4 ever getting ported to the Xbox at least you’re gonna get a Snake fix with the upcoming Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain (yeah okay, it’s not actually confirmed as part of the Metal Gear cannon at this point but c’mon, that trailer!)

  5. Yeah I’m sold, I like big boss better anyways.
    Maybe 4 will be a Xbox Infinity HDx2 re-release (lol)

  6. Did you guys also talk about Portable Ops, and the GBC Metal Gear at all in any of the episodes? I quite liked both of those too.

  7. Portable Ops gets a bit of coverage in the Peace Walker podcast but we don’t go into it fully. Ghost Babel is still on our big list of games to cover some day!

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