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Music Monday: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

In issue 122 of the Cane and Rinse podcast Tony, Josh, Karl and I talk at length about Starbreeze’s touching Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

As usual you get to hear a couple of snatches from the soundtrack but this week, as with PaRappa the Rapper before, I wanted to extend our coverage of the game into our Music Monday feature.

Gustaf Grefberg’s mostly melancholy but occasionally uplifting suite for this three hour adventure succeeded in fitting yet amplifying the effect of on-screen events, to the point that – as I say in the show – I was less aware of how much I was enjoying the music on my first play-through.

Just like Nyaa and Naiee, the titular siblings, the score, environment and story are inextricably linked, as many who have played up to this frosty, chilling point will surely agree:

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