Music Monday: PaRappa the Rapper

Rather than select one of the legendary playable songs from NanaOn-Sha’s PaRappa the Rapper I thought I’d go for a slightly left-field selection from Masaya Matsuura’s adorable OST.

Funny Love is the rhyming canine’s soppy, saccharine but delicious Michael Jackson-esque swing-beat paean to the love of his life, sentient fecund bloom Sunny Funny.┬áThe chorus of which is, of course, built around the famous PaRappa title screen ‘greeting’.

So altogether now: ‘Para-para-para-paaa’

As an aside, if anyone knows who provides the vocal for this I’d love to know, because it doesn’t sound to me like it’s that of (alleged $100 scam artist) John ‘Dred Foxx’ Simpson (PaRappa’s voice actor).

Next up we have the PaRappa anime intro sequence featuring a tasty feel-good slice of J-disco cheese, Love Together sung by Nona Reeves.

And finally here’s the video for Double featuring De La Soul – ‘Say “I Gotta Believe”‘

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