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Music Monday: PaRappa the Rapper

Rather than select one of the legendary playable songs from NanaOn-Sha’s PaRappa the Rapper I thought I’d go for a slightly left-field selection from Masaya Matsuura’s adorable OST.

Funny Love is the rhyming canine’s soppy, saccharine but delicious Michael Jackson-esque swing-beat paean to the love of his life, sentient fecund bloom Sunny Funny. The chorus of which is, of course, built around the famous PaRappa title screen ‘greeting’.

So altogether now: ‘Para-para-para-paaa’

As an aside, if anyone knows who provides the vocal for this I’d love to know, because it doesn’t sound to me like it’s that of (alleged $100 scam artist) John ‘Dred Foxx’ Simpson (PaRappa’s voice actor).

Next up we have the PaRappa anime intro sequence featuring a tasty feel-good slice of J-disco cheese, Love Together sung by Nona Reeves.

And finally here’s the video for Double featuring De La Soul – ‘Say “I Gotta Believe”‘

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