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Music Monday: Rez

With genius videogames auteur (and University Challenge question subject) Tetsuya Mizuguchi announcing his imminent return to game development, what better time to feature this outstanding track from Rez on a Music Monday?

Adam Freeland’s Fear (is the Mind Killer) is one of my favourite gaming choons, not just as an awe-inspiring piece of transcendental electronica in its own right but also due to how breathtakingly and symbiotically United Game Artists choreographed the legendary final stage of Rez, Area 5, to the music.

Keen-eared listeners will no doubt spot the heavily-treated sample from Marlena Shaw’s fantastic California Soul, as recently featured to great effect in a little game called Grand Theft Auto V.

If you’ve yet to experience the synesthesiac wonder of Rez I wholeheartedly urge you to head to the Xbox Live Marketplace and download HexaDrive/Sega’s definitive HD version for Xbox 360. Trance Vibrator not included though, sadly.

Way back on issue three of the Cane and Rinse podcast we talked to Mizuguchi-san’s right-hand man at the time, Q-Entertainment’s James Mielke.

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