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Music Monday: Shatter

New Zealand artist Module’s soundtrack for Sidhe Interactive’s spangly Breakout/Arkanoid variant Shatter cunningly and curiously managed to sound simultaneously retro, contemporary and futuristic. Such devilry.

More importantly it was toe-tappingly, grin-inducingly compelling, and elevated a damn fine albeit (deliberately) old-fashioned game into an essential one.

Almost every one of the thirteen featured tracks is a winner but my personal pick is probably this one, which invokes Tangerine Dream, Daft Punk and shades of Commodore maestro Chris Huelsbeck.

As an added bonus here’s a behind-the-scenes video detailing the process of designing the game’s outstanding audio.

If the game is a must download then so too is its complete OST. Both game and soundtrack are available to buy on PSN (£6.49 for the game/£4.79 for the soundtrack) and Steam (£6.99 for the game/£1.99 for the soundtrack/£7.99 for the pair).

Meanwhile over at Bandcamp $2.99 will get you a download of the music or you can pony up $34.99 for a highly desirable signed limited edition vinyl copy.


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