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Podcast special: An interview with Denis Dyack

The incomparable creator of Eternal Darkness and Too Human breaks radio silence to offer us this searingly honest interview.

Leon and James are joined by Denis Dyack and Phil Haymes of multimedia innovators Quantum Entanglement for this rare chat. Over the course of more than three hours Denis takes us from Silicon Knights’ earliest endeavours, through the machinations of relationships with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft right down to the specifics of his working relationship with the likes of Kojima and Miyamoto.

Denis also bares all about the disappointment of Silicon Knights’ final release, X-Men Destiny, the failed Kickstarters and even responds to us challenging his public support of the GamerGate movement.

Finally, Denis and Phil explain to us what their exciting and ambitious new initiatives with Quantum Entanglement entail, and what the future holds for the pair.
You really do not want to miss this one.

Our sincere thanks again to Denis for contacting us out of the blue and suggesting that we record a show with him and Phil.


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Music used in this podcast: Elzevir the Dollmaker from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain by Steve Henifin

Edited by James Carter


  1. The day gaming goes to the Cloud is the day I stop buying/playing new games.

    Will I fuck just hand over control of what I can play and when to publishers.

    Will. I. Fuck.

  2. “Will I fuck just hand over control of what I can play and when to publishers.”

    ‘fraid those days are already upon you so I’d guess you’d best be on the lookout for a new hobby then.

    I hear good things about bowls.

  3. great episode, it’s not very often we are able to hear such impassioned detail from the people who make these great games, I’ve still never played Eternal Darkness but I do still have a Gamecube so I’m going to have to track it down.

  4. Well. That was a bit of an emotional up and down. I never really paid much attention to the noise around too human, but I do remember a few outlets describing Denis’s antics somewhere between manic and arrogant. Hearing the story form Denis’s mouth. Not the case.

    Listening to the section where Denis was describing his time developing the x-men game really struck a chord with me I have to admit. I’m a software developer so I can really sympathise with him and his team at the time. We all want to put nothing but the best we can do into the hands of the users we’re making products for. But, sometimes your monetary or time budget gets slashed and you just have to get something out of the door or go bust.

    If he reads this, I wish him well for his future endeavors and hope both he and his cats have the best of health. I’m a cat person too. Got three with four functional eyeballs, eleven legs and two and a half tails between them 😀

    That was your best podcast yet in my opinion!

  5. Thanks for the lovely feedback, Glyn.

    I too am a cat nut by the way.

  6. Great interview! I’m a big fan of Denis’s work. I still have my original copy of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. And Eternal Darkness is also one of my favorites. I hope Shadow of the Eternals gets completed. I want to play that game so much!

  7. Thanks for the kind feedback, Jason.

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