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Our Patreon update for December 2017

Thank you to all of our Patreon patrons and supporters.

We didn’t hit our ambitious target, but we still thrive on your support.

We knew it was a tall order and in the end we fell quite a way short of the amount we needed to go full time and produce twice the amount of podcasts in 2018. HOWEVER! We more than doubled our income which is just wonderful, and really incentivises us, as well as allowing us to keep on putting our maximum into continuing with this fabulous project.

The next 50 podcasts will be announced before the new year. Keep your eye on the website and our social media spaces. The whole team is thrilled about the 50 shows we have lined up for you in 2018, and we can’t wait to be able to share the schedule with you.

As a reward, from issue 301 onwards, backers will receive a link to download each Cane and Rinse podcast a week early. Issue 301 will be released on Monday 15th January for backers, Monday 22nd January for everyone else.

If you have any great ideas for other bonuses or incentives that we could offer to those who do back the show, please let us know via the Patreon page, the forum, Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget that you can also support the show by buying yourself a lovely Cane and Rinse or Sound of Play T-Shirt or bag from our Spreadshirt store. We net £2 to £3 from each purchase.

We intend to add some smaller items of merchandise that you can order directly from us in the New Year. Watch this space but look out for things like mugs and keyrings that will cost a little less per item than the bags and shirts, but will be equally well made and come adorned with our classy logo designs.

We will also be adding a PayPal button to the Cane and Rinse homepage, giving you lovely people another way of supporting our endeavours with a simple, one time payment with no further commitment or sign-up required.

Remember: The minimum donation remains at just $1 US per month – which is currently around 75p, or €0.85for an absolute minimum of 12 hours of quality podcasts per month.

We believe that’s great value for money, even if you don’t listen to every single show.

You may be aware that the terms and conditions of Patreon had been announced to change, but due to a swift and strong backlash, that decision has since been reversed.

Patrons will continue to pay what they pay, while the creators (i.e. us in this case) will continue to bear the brunt of Patreon’s admin fees and such – which is absolutely fine as far as we are concerned!

You will hear me refer to this matter in Cane and Rinse podcast issues 299 (Call of Duty) and 300 (The Witcher III: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine) as they were recorded in advance, but the matter has since been resolved.

The more financial support we get the more time and effort we can put into researching and producing the show, meaning that everyone ends up with a better experience.

Jay and I plan to check in with you all via monthly update mini-casts with all the latest from the world of Cane and Rinse from now on.

Thank you once again for your incredible support throughout our sixth year, and here’s to another twelve months of Cane and Rinse ahead.

Finally, as always, if you are not able or do not want to support Cane and Rinse, please consider a donation to the incredible charity Special Effect who work to put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play videogames.


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