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Cane and Rinse Vol. 6

Perfect Dark – Cane and Rinse No.269

“Watch her… she’s sharp.”

Following a protracted and disrupted development, Rare eventually launched its spiritual successor-cum-sci-fi-sequel to the ubiquitous GoldenEye 007 (see issue 200 of the podcast) in the summer of 2000. Leon, Darren, Karl, Michiel and Tony recall the elation and the disappointments that Perfect Dark brought, the endless hours of multiplayer and the Elvis. Along with contributions from the Cane and Rinse community, the panel also discusses the solo campaign, the game’s technical aspirations and shortcomings, the minutiae of the different versions as well as the skill and knowhow of the Perfect Dark speedrunner.

Music used in this issue:

1: Main Titles by Grant Kirkhope/Graeme Norgate/David Clynick
2: Institute Menu by Grant Kirkhope/Graeme Norgate/David Clynick
3: Enter the Dark by Grant Kirkhope/Graeme Norgate/David Clynick

Cane and Rinse 269 was edited by Jay Taylor (@JaySevenZero).

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DarkSim Darren goes back to Rare’s critically acclaimed follow-up to their hit game GoldenEye 007, the sci-fi themed shooter Perfect Dark.

Darren shows off his completion of Perfect Dark on Xbox Live Arcade. Features classic GoldenEye guns! Pew Pew!

Darren (unsurprisingly) forgot that he Quick Rinsed this back in 2014 – partly because we were holding it back until we covered the game for the podcast – so here’s another.

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  1. Excellent podcast, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for listening rob!

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