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Rez – Cane and Rinse No.303

“aren’t you afraid?”

Belatedly following on from issue 3 of the podcast(!) – in which we spoke to producer James Mielke about Child of Eden – we finally get around to taking a deep dive into that game’s synaesthesiac predecessor, Rez. Starting with the game’s initial release on Dreamcast and PS2 in 2001, Leon, Josh, Michiel and Tony chart each subsequent version right up to the recent, virtual reality-enabled Rez Infinite – which some of the panel have been lucky enough to experience. As usual of course we also share memories of Rez from members of the community, and Jay pops in to tell us about the evening he spent hanging out with creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi himself.

Music used in this issue:

1: Buggie Running Beeps 01 by Keiichi Sugiyama
2: Fear (Rez edit) by Adam Freeland

Cane and Rinse 303 was edited by Jay Taylor (@JaySevenZero).

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  1. Why on earth does Josh keep calling the game “Rezzed”?

  2. Brain farts! Don’t worry – he has been admonished.

  3. Correction, you play as a hacker. The “you are a virus” thing comes from some Wikipedia vandalism that somehow stuck around for months.

  4. Yeah, didn’t think that sounded right!

  5. Harmony, that wasn’t vandalism. I was CONFUSED. “some Wikipedia vandalism” yeah right. Rez is all up to interpretation and that’s how I thought it was. Also! People have said you play as a virus in the game BEFORE I did! Toonami did it! A review from 2002 did it! (I forgot which but they said humanity was a virus) And the Toonami review confused me so I had to go around piecing everything together, EVEN FUCKING INCLUDING A SEGA SATURN COMMERCIAL IN THE MIX!! Why are you trying to correct people? I know this was before I stepped in and realized, but it’s really too late to correct anybody’s mistakes. I just explain it’s a nickname to the people who put it in their reviews. And don’t call Swayzak a “dumb Toonami character” as he definitely isn’t. He gave the Rez protagonist his nickname, and to me he’s reminiscent of myself, and of course Silver Age villains. And in my opinion, it’s unique. Viruses are hackers too so you DO play as a hacker, but it’s a virus to many people because of my confusion from Sara’s explanation. This whole thing is my inadvertent rebirth of the Roxie Phenomenon. The “you are a virus” thing has stuck. Better deal with it.

    Leon Cox, it does sound right to me. I have my own take on the Rez canon, you have yours, Harmony has hers, everybody has a different theory. Tetsuya Mizuguchi even liked a tweet using the Swayzak nickname.

    Now if you excuse me, I’m going to vent out my anger in an 8 player Smash.

  6. Hi Danielle. This is a confusing post as I don’t remember what I (or we) said in the show to prompt it, but I’m sure none of us intended to cause any anger or offence.
    Thanks for listening to the podcast!

  7. I guess Danielle made the incorrect Wikipedia entry?

    Danielle, chill out, fear is the mind killer.

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