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Sound of Play Extra – an interview with ToyTree

Here’s another Sound of Play extra – an interview with ToyTree

This show’s presenter, Thomas Quillfeldt (@tquillfeldt) offers us up another Sound of Play extra in way of an interview with Amos Roddy also know as ToyTree (@ToyxTree), composer for Pixel Titans’ recent first-person shooter STRAFE

Track listing for this show is as follows:

0:00 — No Escape by ToyTree, from STRAFE
3:34 — Slain by ToyTree, from STRAFE
6:12 — Aeronaut by ToyTree, from the Pigeon EP
7:50 — Meadow by ToyTree, from Kingdom
9:38 — Klaymen’s Theme by Terry Scott Taylor, from The Neverhood
11:56 — Main Theme by Tomáš Dvorák AKA Floex, from Samorost 3
13:10 — Audio from INSIDE by Martin Stig Andersen
13:54 — Mr. Handagote by Tomáš Dvorák, from Machinarium
15:24 — Doomed by ToyTree, from STRAFE
16:43 — Go Straight by Yuzo Koshiro, from Streets of Rage 2
18:14 — The Burbs by ToyTree, from STRAFE
21:09 — Main Theme by Trent Reznor, from Quake
22:31 — Luftenstein by ToyTree, from STRAFE
26:25 — Baptism by ToyTree, from STRAFE
28:08 — Ruined by ToyTree, from STRAFE
29:22 — Plague by ToyTree, from STRAFE
34:10 — Paint It Red by ToyTree, from STRAFE
39:30 — A Hawk and a Hacksaw, a duo of musicians associated with the band Beirut, are contributing music to the soundtrack of Forest of Sleep by Twisted Tree (Ed Key’s label, which released Proteus).
45:20 — The Wings March by ToyTree, from Kingdom
46:36 — Sanctuary by ToyTree, from STRAFE

STRAFE soundtrack by ToyTree is available on Spotify and all major digital music outlets


You can buy the download from ToyTree’s BandCamp page:


The standard and special edition vinyl is available at LacedRecords.com


Sound of Play Extra – an interview with ToyTree was edited by Thomas Quillfeldt (@tquillfeldt)

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