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Sound of Play: 170 – The videogame music podcast

It’s Halloween once more, and that means that the Sound of Play studio is being haunted by the meddlesome Huell Wuthering (@deadhuell) as he hosts a musical game show. His victims – er – contestants fight for their lives with their knowledge of videogame music. If you would like to play along at home, don’t read the tracklist below!

Joining host Huell Wuthering on this spooky Sound of Play are Darren Gargette (@dezm0nd), Ryan Quintal (@ryanquintal) from Play;Write, Charlotte Cutts (@ccuttsgames) from Destructoid, and Jacob Geller (@yacobg42). Who will survive, and who will fall under the axe this year?

Original music was provided by Windmills at Dawn (@CraigedyCraig), Interim (@L__Griffin), and Reuben Cornell (@reutunes).

Track listing for this show is as follows:

1: Menu by Junichi Nakatsuru – Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, 2014

2: SPOOKY Kirby Dreamland Theme by Interim – Kirby’s Dreamland, 2018

3: Black Onslaught by FaytxStay – Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, 2014

4: ARMS Main Theme by Windmills at Dawn – ARMS, 2018

5: Black Wing Metamorphosis by bLiNd – Final Fantasy VII, 2007

6: Delfino Plaza (Alien Death March Version) by Windmills at Dawn – Super Mario Sunshine, 2018

7: This Cave Is Creepy by Obtuse – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, 2010

8: CONKER REMIX by Ruben Cornell – Conker’s Bad Fur Day, 2018

9: Be Kind, Rewind by YoshiBlade – Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, 2017

10: Dire Dire Docks by Windmills at Dawn – Super Mario 64, 2018

11: Song of Healing (Jazz Cover) by insaneintherainmusic & WowieTalk – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, 2016

12: Kirby by Windmills at Dawn – Kirby’s Dreamland, 2018

13: Mad Jack’s Drop by Kammo64 – Donkey Kong 64, 2016

14: Max Payne by Interim – Max Payne, 2018

15: Bloody Tears (Mariachi Cover) by Mariachi Entertainment System – Castlevania, 2016

16: ICO REMIX by Ruben Cornell – ICO, 2018

17: Lavender Town (Jazz Cover) by insaneintherainmusic & TeraCMusic – Pokémon Red / Blue, 2015

18: Ghosts ‘n Goblins’ Woolly World by Windmills at Dawn – Ghosts ‘n Goblins, 2018

19: The Wolf of the Opera by Uboichi – Killer Instinct, 2004

20: Death on the Snowfield by AmIEvil – Final Fantasy VI, 2000

21: Moonlight Mashup by NoteBlock, Kamex, & Stevie Pilgrim, 2016

22: Lake of Oblivion by Goomin Nam – Monarch: Heroes of a New Age, 2014

23: Bonneton by Shiho Fujii – Super Mario Odyssey, 2017

Sound of Play: 170 was edited by Ryan Hamann (@InsrtCoins)

Remember, it’s not just about what we like, so venture over to our forum at caneandrinse.com and put forward your own suggestions so that we might include them in future shows.


  1. Hey all! Love the podcast. Perhaps someone has mentioned this, but that Black Onslaught song wasn’t solely Paper Mario. It was remixed with Bloody Tears from Castlevania and Devil’s Never Cry from DMC 3. GREAT TRACK!

  2. Good spot – thanks Patrick!

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