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Sound of Play

Sound of Play: 263 – the videogame music podcast

Joining Leon Cox for this week’s Sound of Play is Darren Gargette

Every Wednesday in Sound of Play, we bring you some of our, and your, favourite pieces from the many videogame soundtracks we’ve enjoyed over the decades.

Remember, it’s not just about what we like, so venture over to our forum at caneandrinse.com and put forward your own suggestions so that we might include them in future shows.


Music featured in this podcast:

1. Normal Battle by Shinji Ushiroda/Maasa Miyoshi/Shiho Fujii/Asuka Hayazaki – Ring Fit Adventure, 2019

2. Riptor Theme by Robin Beanland/Graeme Norgate – Killer Instinct, 1994

3. 6am by Yasuaki Iwata/Yumi Takahashi/Shinobu Nagata/Sayako Doi/Masato Ohashi – Animal Crossing: New Horizons, 2020

4. It’s a Me! by Sune ‘Køter’ Kølster – WHAT THE GOLF?, 2019

5. Main Title Theme by Stewart Copeland – Spyro Reignited Trilogy, 2018

6. Around by Modulogeek (Joon Guillen) – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, 2015

7. Minecraft by C418 (Daniel Rosenfeld) – Minecraft, 2011

8. Consequences by Olivier Deriviere – Get Even, 2017

9. Diamond Island by Yoshito Sekigawa/Shoh Murakami/Yoshiaki Kimura/Hiroki Morishita/Fumihiro Isobe – Paper Mario: The Origami King, 2020

Sound of Play 263 was edited by Jay Taylor.

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