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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory – Cane and Rinse No.95

“Agh! I knew it! I knew there were ninjas around here!”

Two and a half years after they released the first of the Splinter Cell series of games in November of 2002, Ubisoft gave us, what many consider to be the high-point of the series to date – Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. James, Karl and Darren Forman avoid the infra-red cameras and various armed patrols to give us their thoughts regarding the third game of the ongoing Splinter Cell series.

1: The Lighthouse by Amon Tobin
2: Ruthless (Reprise) by Amon Tobin

Cane and Rinse 95 was edited by Jay Taylor

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  1. Hey guys
    Thanks for the podcast, and for bringing back all the memories. I really liked your insights into why the game has a specific, strong appeal to a very specific group of gamers.

    I also appreciated your specific comments on the things you liked most about your favorite levels. It’s great to hear that the things we focused on so specifically – developing a consistent, rich atmosphere and investing in systemically applicable player tools – were also the things that you appreciated most.

    I was surprised you didn’t know that you could attempt to ‘stand down’ from Shetland in the end of Bath House. I talked about it in my 2005 GDC presentation. (http://clicknothing.typepad.com/Design/hockingc_GDC05_Deconstructing.zip)

    Anyway, thanks again for bringing back such great memories.

  2. Gents,

    Stumbled upon this and was washed over by memories of working on the series. Thank you for the great retrospective.

  3. Thank you both very much. It’s incredibly humbling to have people who worked on the game listen and enjoy the show. It’s also great to hear that it brought back fond memories – we purposefully wait a few months (or years) for that reason.

    It’s testament to Chaos Theory that we were all so positive about it; rarely are the hosts united in their reaction to a game.

    I absolutely hadn’t heard that it was possible to handle the Shetland stand-off. It’s a real shame that none of us had come across it, but rest assured that I’ll be trying it tonight!

    Thanks to you both, Clint and Jesse, for making Chaos Theory, and also for taking time to listen and leave such generous comments.

  4. After listening to the Chaos Theory podcast and having just given up another attempted playthrough of Assassins Creed 3(Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull)I decided to download the HD version from Playstation Store. 3 days later and I’m still marvelling at what a great game this still is. Never has not killing anyone felt so good. A true high watermark for the series, engrossing and hugely entertaining and a reminder of what pale shadows of this game followed in the series.

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