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The Sausage Factory

The Sausage Factory Episode 259: Super Scary Snakes

Show host and producer Chris O’Regan talks to Don Bellenger from Super Scary Snakes, about the design and development of their rogue-lite arcade adventure game, Black Future ‘88.

That urge to try again and again in the face of seemingly impossible odds is at the heart of any rogue-lite that’s worthy of your time. As you continue to play more, the amount of enhancements that the player receives increases to the point where the the player’s capabilities match the plateau of difficulty. At least that’s the theory, and it’s what Black Future ’88 aspires to excel at.


Music used in this episode:
1. Vanta
2. No Future
3. Wave Killer
All tracks are by Skymelt and can be found on Black Future ’88‘s sound track:

The Sausage Factory episode 259 was produced and edited by Chris O’Regan

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