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Resident Evil 2 Quick Rinse

In celebration of Capcom’s recent remake announcement, this here’s Darren Gargette playing Angel Studios’ ambitious N64 conversion of Resident Evil 2, as emulated (poorly) on PC. If you like these Quick Rinse videos you can […]


An hour with… Mega Man

In 1993 I was presented with a choice. As per usual when staying with my grandparents I was taken to a car boot sale before being dropped off home and not long after arriving I […]


Enter the Regenerator

“The hideous creatures such as the El Gigante and the Novistadors are merely by-products of the diabolical and inhumane experiments conducted on the specimens that were once human. But there’s one type of creature that […]



Brian Tarran slices and dices his way through the 2014 remake of the ninja action adventure. If the 2014 remake of Strider was a car, it would be a mid-range sports model. It has precision […]


Music Monday: Pang

A game with three names, the cutesy Space Invaders meets Asteroids hybrid Pang is also known as Buster Bros. in the USA and Pomping World in its native Japan. A healthy chunk of my youth […]


Music Monday: Resident Evil

I’m one of those who welcomes news of game remakes. Rather than seeing them as tired, lazy cash-in rehashes of boring, old titles I see each as a potential opportunity to revisit an old favourite, […]


Music Monday: Strider

I’m rather enjoying the recent downloadable Strider title that’s been put together by Double Helix in association with Capcom. It’s a slick, briskly-paced dash’n’slash ‘metroidvania’ type game that’s closer to something like Bionic Commando Rearmed […]