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Music Monday: Silent Hill

Music Monday returns with guest contributor and Silent Hill/Akira Yamaoka superfan, Jon Salmon (@CatatonicNali). Let me preface this by saying that I’m something of a Silent Hill fanatic. I’ve played most of the games in […]


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Few things are more comforting than the voice of Patrick Stewart. The fact that his narration is the first thing that greets you in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow lends an air of reassurance and familiarity […]

keiichiro toyama

Interview extra: Keiichiro Toyama

A Cane and Rinse interview with Keiichiro Toyama – creator of Gravity Rush, Siren and the original Silent Hill. Although he had previously worked on a selection of well-known and diverse titles such as Konami’s […]