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Music Monday: Mr Driller

I’ve always found the juxtaposition between Mr Driller, an innocuously simple up, down, left, right, dig arcade action puzzle game and its grand, intricate soundtrack quite thrilling. All of the eclectic and complex music from […]


WipEout 64 Quick Rinse

Our Darren Gargette floats gracefully on a cushion of air thanks mostly to his high-fibre diet. WipEout’s only N64 outing was ostensibly a cartridge-based port of PlayStation WipEout 2097 (aka WipEout XL) but also included some […]


Super Metroid Quick Rinse

Here’s our Darren Gargette re-entering the wonderfully mysterious world of Super Metroid. Here DG is playing Nintendo’s 1994 SNES classic via emulation on PC. If you like these Quick Rinse videos you can find many […]


Super Mario Kart Quick Rinse

Darren Gargette karties like its 1992 in the original SNES (Super Famicom) Super Mario Kart from 1992, emulated here on PC. If you like these Quick Rinse videos you can find many more (plus a […]


Super Smash Bros. Melee Quick Rinse

“Choose your character!” Darren shows us a few of Super Smash Bros. Melee’s deceptively deep ropes. If indeed ropes can be deep. Here Darren is playing the game on PC via emulation rather than his […]