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Opinion: LEGO Dimensions

For the better part of two years, I have been catching up on Traveller’s Tales’ series of LEGO games. I was turned off by their simplistic and repetitive gameplay when I originally tried LEGO Star […]


Conker’s Big Reunion

E3 2014. Conker appears on stage, chopping a logo in half much like he did back in the N64 days. I literally threw my glasses off my face in excitement. “It’s here,” I thought, “the […]


Music Monday: Metroid Prime

Last Thursday, 29th January 2015, was a day worthy of celebration. It was a red letter day for gamers, particularly those who hadn’t previously managed to buy a copy of the Metroid Prime Trilogy compilation […]


An approximation of reality

“My main Game Boy memory is my Nan thinking the music to Tetris was her hearing aid going batshit…” Late-night, anecdotal Tweets are always fun, but this one from (previous podcast guest) Simon ‘The Sonic […]