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Double Dragon Neon: ABOBO!

Darren Forman revisits his 1980’s childhood via WayForward’s (Contra 4, A Boy & His Blob, Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Switch Force) affectionate piss-take of/homage to Technos’ 1987 original: Double Dragon […]


Driver: San Francisco

Darren Forman reflects upon his time in San Francisco The storyline of Driver: San Francisco picks right up from where the notoriously awful Driv3r left off. Detective John Tanner, having […]


Prototype 2

Darren Forman absorbs Radical Entertainment’s Prototype 2. Punch yourself in the face with glee, foolish minions, for I have been playing Prototype 2 as of late. That’s right. I expected […]


The Darkness Quick Rinse

Josh takes a look at Starbreeze’s take on Top Cow’s popular comic series, The Darkness. Xbox 360 version shown. This Quick Rinse ties in with Issue Twenty-Six of the Cane […]


Mass Effect 3

┬áThere is no arguing that Mass Effect has become one of the more significant franchises to come out of this generation. BioWare managed to create a detailed and intelligently crafted […]