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Haunted mansions

Playing through this year’s Mario Kart 8, it is difficult to not be distracted by the incredible attention to detail that Nintendo has paid when designing its racetracks. Whether it […]


Comedy in videogames

What makes a game funny? What makes a funny game? Can a videogame garner an audience when humor is its primary source of engagement? How much of a “game”, in […]


Videogames: A value judgement

Units shipped, sales figures, review scores, profits, subscribers, Metacritic ratings, attach rates, awards won, active users, hours of gameplay, number of levels, top 100 lists, map size, polygons rendered and […]


Leon Cox’s 2012

Life, changing While undoubtedly not the greatest ever year for new releases, 2012 was nevertheless a significant one for videogaming and also for me personally, with the landscape changing dramatically for […]