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Cane and Rinse Vol. 1

Team Ico – Cane and Rinse No.4

“But heed this: the price you pay may be heavy indeed.”

These two great stories of four young people: ICO, Yorda, Wander, Mono and the eerie yet beautiful land(s) they live in have been rewarded with a sumptuous HD re-release on PlayStation 3. What better time for a Cane and Rinse retrospective? Leon, Tony and Jay are joined by devout Team ICO fan Joshua Garrity to discuss both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus; their gameplay, aesthetics and narrative as well as speculating on how the two relate to one another.


Music used in this issue:

Track 1: Castle in the Mist by Michiru Oshima/Pentagon
Track 2: Prologue: To the Ancient Land by Ko Otani
Track 3: Swift Horse by Ko Otani

Cane and Rinse 4聽was edited by Jay Taylor

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  1. Steven Thomsen-Jones

    Great in depth discussion all. Another couple of games I never played due to not having a PS2 back in the day, but sounds like another one to queue up with my already owned God of War HD collection 馃檪

  2. I’d say that if you have never sampled their delights then I’d heartily recommend that you do sometime soon!

  3. Random piece of trivia… You can see the beach from ICO in SotC.

  4. Really? Whereabouts is that, I’d assume it’s to the far right as you exit the castle, venture across the bridge and over the plains until you reach the cliffs.

  5. Shadow was in my top 5 ps2 titles, this show brought back great memorys. Would love to pick the HD collection up, the reasons to get a Ps3 are stacking up.

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