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Thatgamecompany (flOw, Flower and Journey) – Cane and Rinse No.31

This week we deliberate over Thatgamecompany’s offerings.

In this Issue Leon, Tony, Josh and Sean review the outstanding, innovative titles produced during Thatgamecompany’s three game deal with Sony; the soothing flOw, the beautiful Flower and the emotional Journey. The panel also contemplate the developer’s future after Kellee Santiago’s departure and their PlayStation exclusivity.

Music used in this issue:

1: Gratitude by Austin Wintory (flOw)
2: Lazy Daydream by Vincent Diamante (Flower)
3: Nascense by Austin Wintory (Journey)
4: Apotheosis by Austin Wintory (Journey)

Cane and Rinse 31 was edited by Sean O’Brien

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  1. Great podcast,very long but still great, one interpretation for Journey that I didnt hear you guys say was that of the Journey to enlightenment,thou that might be similar to the Journey of life but I think is changes the way you look at some parts of the game specially the ending.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We tend to struggle to keep to 90 minutes for one game so three in under 130 isn’t bad for us. I’m just going to have to play through Journey again now to see how I feel about this ascending to Nirvana interpretation XD

  3. Journey recently won two awards in Japan – CEDEC (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference) Awards 2012 “Best Visual Arts Award” last month, and Japan Game Awards 2012 “Game Designers Award” which was just announced today at Tokyo Game Show.

    I know this game was phenomenal around the world, but it seems that it got a really massive fan base in Japan. The twitter timeline under the hashtag #????? (“Kaze no Tabibito” – Japanese title, meaning “Journeyer of the Wind”) is always very lively. People have been talking about their experience of the game, creating amazing fan art and crafts, and making friends with other fans.
    Being Japanese myself, I can kinda instinctively understand why it’s so appealing to Japanese people – because of the way we were brought up in general, and perhaps the Shintoism and Buddhism spirit we all somewhat have deep in our heart – well, though I know we are all different, and I’m not even a religious person at all 😉
    And it’s really nice that people around the world find it moving and enjoy communicating with foreigners thanks to the simplicity of the game.
    This game deserves much more recognition and awards! 🙂

    FlOw and Flower also are so simple yet so soothing and touching, I really admire thatgamecompany’s originality, and can’t wait for what new world they show us next!

  4. Aagh, the Japanese hashtag turned into question marks in my previous post 🙁
    I also tried to TinyURL the hashtag timeline, but it didn’t work. Oh well.

    Here you can see some of sweet fan art/ crafts 🙂

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