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the binding of isaac
Cane and Rinse Vol. 3

The Binding of Isaac – Cane and Rinse No.116

“Isaac and his Mother lived alone in a small house, on a hill…”

In our second podcast covering an Edmund McMillen designed videogame, James Carter, Darren Gargette and special guest Lewie Procter discuss The Binding of Isaac and the depths that it literally and metaphorically goes to. In this issue we tackle the original story that the game is named after, talk about endlessly wailing children (again?), the future of the game with Rebirth and of course, our wonderful forum feedback and Twitter Three Word Reviews. Plus it’d be rude to not squeeze in our obligatory Super Meat Boy reference in this show, wouldn’t it?

Music used in this issue:

1: Those Responsible by Danny Baranowsky
2: In The Beginning… by Danny Baranowsky
3: Greed by Danny Baranowsky
4: Diptera Sonata by Ridiculon

Cane and Rinse 116 was edited by Darren Gargette

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Darren Gargette walks us through the corners of Ed McMillen’s mind in his Binding of Isaac (think Zelda meets Smash TV meets a Rorschach inkblot test) Quick Rinse:

Darren Gargette put his considerable The Binding of Isaac progress on hiatus when this revamp of the game was announced.
Now, two years of waiting has lead to this moment of him playing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth with teary eyes and a keen sense of anticipation:

If you like these Quick Rinse videos you can find many more (plus a few other bits and bobs) over on the Official Cane and Rinse YouTube channel.


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