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the world ends with you
Cane and Rinse Vol. 9

The World Ends With You – Cane and Rinse No.428

“Only when we let strangers in can we find new ways to be ourselves.”

If you want to be the last player standing in Shibuya’s deadliest game, you’ll need more than luck. You’ll need the skill to navigate the challenges set out for you, plus… a detailed knowledge of regional fashion trends? Join Leah, Brian and Josh as they partner up, check their pins, and get to the objective of the day: talking about the 2008 stylish DS RPG, The World Ends With You.


Music featured in this issue:

1. Game Over by Takeharu Ishimoto

2. Junk Garage by Takeharu Ishimoto

Cane and Rinse 423 was edited by Jay Taylor

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