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The Sausage Factory

The Sausage Factory: 351 – Wildermyth by Worldwalker Games

Chris O’Regan chats to Nate Austin of Worldwalker Games about the design and development of their narrative driven turn based combat RPG, Wildermyth.


Music featured is by Candy Emberley and can be listened to here: https://soundcloud.com/wildermyth and the OST will be released here: https://candyemberley.bandcamp.com/
1. Black Castle Ruins
2. Comics Traveling
3. Something in the Woods

The Sausage Factory 351 was edited by Chris O’Regan

The Sausage Factory is an interview-based podcast that lifts the lid on the makers of videogames. It examines the way in which games are made by asking the very people who create them, though the questions asked aren’t just about game design, they also cover how developers made their start and what inspires them as creators.

Split into two halves, the first segment delves into what makes the developers tick by asking about how they started, what and who inspires them and what games they are currently playing, whereas the second part of the show covers the game that they are currently working on and the thought processes behind its development. So, if you really want to hear about a game’s gestation in full and frank detail then you have found the right podcast.

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  1. This was possibly the worst “interview” I’ve ever heard. Chris gave the guy seconds to answer his questions before repeatedly going on a long, unrelated tangent about some obscure thing that happened 15 years ago. Was hoping to gain some insight into the mind of a game developer, but all I experienced was the minimal efforts of a giddy child with no self-awareness, who was more interested in telling the developer about his Dnd game than actually interviewing him. 0/10. Very annoying. What a wasted opportunity.

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